Who We Are?

Who We Are?

Time passes, and you are still searching among the search pages for Establishments assets, trying to verify their credibility to no avail!

There is no need for all this.We've taken all the stressful steps .And "On a golden plate" , we offer a solution for you to be part of a list of reliable and documented institutions with a unified international identity.

Through verified Establishment ID. Let us recognize it.

The Verified Establishment ID is an electronic system that works independently, according to some global standard criteria, with the International Standard Certificate Number ISCN.

There is an international advisory committee that supervises on this system.

This committee consists of a team of experts in different fields.

They meet on a regular basis to discuss the suitable updates that could be applied to the system.

They transfer these updates to a very qualified technical team that works on them immediately.

There is another specialized team, which has very high qualifications, works on the database to provide the newest protection ways for the database.

The International Standards Est owns this system and handles its management, marketing and development exclusively.

The system considers the social responsibility in a very professional way. It also keeps high level of openness, development and privacy policies under advanced technical system.