International Standard University Code

International Standard University Code

ISUC stands for International Standard University Code which intended to use by higher education institutions. Relaying on the core system of ISE (UK) which is ISCN, the ISUC is direct derivation from ISCN & Estid systems but ISUC specified for educational institution, as well the globally unified algorithm will addressing the educational institutions, all around the world. One of the main services provided by the international standardized system for documentation, consists of two letters and two numbers, and aims to encode universities and give them a unified international reference that prevents confusion and ambiguity as it cannot be repeated and ensures that the universities that have been coded are real, not fake, It is licensed in the scope of its work by the competent authority in that country and this coding shall be in the form of a code linked to QR to facilitate its reading.


The Estid consists of 12 to 13 characters with four main parts as the following structure

  • Part I: consists of Acronym that represent the institution issuing country.
  • Part 2: consists of three digits (uppercase) representing sector of the institution (institution activity), for example; educational sector, governmental sector, commercial sector, services sector and organizational, abbreviated as (EDU, GOV, COM, SRV, ORG) respectively.
  • Part 3: consists of three digits (uppercase) reflects the institutions active field.
  • Part 4: consists of four characters (the first two characters are letters and the rest are numbers) representing the international unified number of the issuing authority in the system database “Establishment International ID”.


The EstID & ISUC were derived from the ISCN System, which is the core of international standards EST programs, the system founded by ISE in UK at 2016 based on specialist & advisor committee from all around the world, aiming to create a unified platform for parties that deal with a large amount of documents to create a reliable & trustworthy environment with these anti-forgery tools, this based on a powerful and globally unified algorithm that coding each, single (EST, Doc, Country, etc) to create the final credibility channel & a reliable block chain of certificates & documents. In this article, you will know why this code is considered as the most powerful coding system produced ever, the wide range of their applications is one of these reasons. The International institution id works closely with the International Standard Certificate Number “ISCN” whose role is to verify the Establishment that is applying to get an ID, as a documentation for the Institution, through our system.[1]

International Establishment id (EstID)

The International institution id (EstID) is a mixed ID Alphabetical & numerical for commercial Institution which is intended to help companies to present themselves uniquely worldwide, this is the most powerful coding system introduced by International Standards Establishment.

Features & uniqueness

The ESTID has several unique features:

  • Created through a precise algorithm in line with a unified international system that ensures the uniqueness of the identity and credibility of the institution. It is composed of 4 integrated parts. Composed of 2 alphabet letter and 2 numeric digit (Example: XX00) which makes it easy to read and write by individuals or institution.
  • Create electronic platform as a gateway to reads the ID and give detailed information about the related ESTID.
  • Institution can use this electronic gateway to build their own profile that has all their experiences, works, license, and address...etc. With the possibility of modification, this profile is already connected with a QR code to make it easy for correspondence worldwide with the needed reliability & credibility.
  • This identity provides a solution to the problem of counterfeit so there will not any fake Est can get the ESTID as they have to pass the multi-level
    verifications within the first 30 days from joining the system as there is a compliance team working full time, to verify the documents received from worldwide
  • It also prevents the dispersion of all Business Documents around the world since it provides one platform that gathers all this work.
  • The unique ID for each Institution cannot be repeated therefore, it solves the problem of similarity of names globally.
  • After that we have to mention all parties in the world have the purpose & the ability to combating the forgery and the ambiguity of Certificates, Universities, Institutions which are the infrastructure for any economic in the world, so we could do that together simply by joining these systems. It remains to be mentioned all this systems owned and powered by International standards Establishment, In UK.

Values and need

This coding system provides a set of benefits, as the following:

  • Increasing reliability locally and internationally.
  • Combating fraudulent certificates, fake competencies and manipulating documents, and facilitating their direct verification.
  • Facilitating the task of providing educational services, especially remote education on a larger scale.
  • Obtaining a brief and easy-to-read International ID.
  • Protecting the documents issued by the university.
  • Helping universities deal in accordance with the global trend towards automation and technology.
  • Documentation of university employees and workers.
  • Saving time, cost and effort for the university and those dealing with the university.
  • Establishing a portal to verify the authenticity of documents, which will contribute to combating forgery.
  • Joining the institutional contact center, which enables universities to communicate and correspond directly.
  • Provide documented contact addresses for all universities and issue an electronic directory that is automatically updated on an ongoing basis.
  • Making open data available by counting the number of graduates in various disciplines, analyzing it and linking it to the reality of need.
  • Providing channels of communication between major companies and universities for the purpose of supplying the market with graduates and feedback
  • Get the evaluation portal for university performance and get the feedback easily.
  • Creating a network database for joint scientific research in a participatory manner to enhance the reality of scientific research globally.
  • Establishing direct communication channels between all concerned parties (students, cultural attachés, educational institutions and ministries concerned with university documents in complete confidentiality, with less time, effort, and saving cost)